WordPress Login Issues:WP-Admin Showing 404 Error Page
WP-Admin Showing 404 Error Page
Posted 1 month ago

When I hit www.freelancercanada.ca/wp-admin, it’s automatically redirected me to showing a 404 error page and if I try with techzoomin.com/wp-login.php, its showing the login page. But upon giving the credentials, its showing 404…

WP-Admin Showing 404 Error Page
Serious Vulnerability in the WPML Plugin
Serious Vulnerability in the WPML Plugin
Posted 1 month ago

Several serious vulnerabilities have been disclosed in the WPML plugin for WordPress. Jouko Pynnonen, the CEO of Finland-based IT company Klikki Oy disclosed the vulnerabilities earlier this week. They include:

SQL injection…

Serious Vulnerability in the WPML Plugin
Best SEO in Canada
Among The Best SEOs in Canada!
Posted 2 months ago


for over 20 years now Todd Herman has been labeled to rank among the best SEOs in Canada and has continued to garner high praise from its clients and competition alike. Instead of…

Among The Best SEOs in Canada!
How To Do On Page Optimization
How To Do On Page Optimization in 2015
Posted 2 months ago

Are you are looking to do your own on page optimization in  2015? There are a few steps that must be taken. I have brought together some helpful tips I have…

How To Do On Page Optimization in 2015
Biggest Link Building Fears for 2015
Biggest Link Building Fears for 2015
Posted 4 months ago

I wanted to give you an update with where I’m at, and the struggles that I’m encountering as an agency as we enter another year in which Google allows us…

Biggest Link Building Fears for 2015

WP-Admin Showing 404 Error Page

Published by Todd Herman on March 24th, 2015 - in SEO

When I hit www.freelancercanada.ca/wp-admin, it’s automatically redirected me to showing a 404 error page and if I try with techzoomin.com/wp-login.php, its showing the login page. But upon giving the credentials, its showing 404 page again. My mind was blank for one minute, my first doubt was “whether my blog got hacked?”

Later I realized it as a known problem and Googled for the solution. Spent almost 2 hours on the web and tried many things like:

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Deleting .htaccess File and uploading the fresh one
Tried with replacing wp-login.php
Checking tables
Deleting/deactivating all the plugins
And many more…you can see some of them on WordPress Login troubles page. Later saw my friend Harsh of ShoutMeLoud online and explained him about the strange problem. Then we both started digging in. Btw Harsh found some article “wp-admin.php 404 not found Error WordPress“, it didn’t give me 100% solution, but it gave some idea to play with folder attributes.

Then started changing file attributes in Filezilla and succeeded finally. Here is the solution for you

1. Login to your FTP and go to /public_html/wp-admin

2. Right click on wp-admin folder and click on File Attributes

3. Change the value to 755 and check the Recurse into subdirectories checkbox

4. Click Ok

Repeat the same 4 steps for wp-content and wp-includes also.

Now clear your browser cache and try to login to your WordPress admin panel. You’ll be able to login now. Contact us if you see any problem.

Let us know if you have faced and solved this problem in any other way. Happy Blogging!!

Serious Vulnerability in the WPML Plugin

Published by Guest Post on March 18th, 2015 - in WPML Plugin

Several serious vulnerabilities have been disclosed in the WPML plugin for WordPress. Jouko Pynnonen, the CEO of Finland-based IT company Klikki Oy disclosed the vulnerabilities earlier this week. They include:WPML Plugin

  • SQL injection which gives full access to the WordPress database.
  • Page, post and menu deletion by an unauthenticated attacker.
  • Reflected XSS
  • Unauthenticated administrative functions.
SecurityWeek is also covering this issue.
What to do: Upgrade immediately to WPML version 3.1.9 which was released earlier this week and resolves these issues.
Mark Maunder
Wordfence Founder & CEO

Among The Best SEOs in Canada!

Published by Todd Herman on March 10th, 2015 - in SEO


for over 20 years now Todd Herman has been labeled to rank among the best SEOs in Canada and has continued to garner high praise from its clients and competition alike. Instead of a one sided angle, his focus on SEO as an all encompassing internet marketing optimization strategy. Along with his search engine optimization, his company also offers a wide range of services including; consulting, site assessments, SEO tools, and SEO training both in the classroom, and online.best seo in canada

He has a real focus on the education of his clients that utilize his services. He offers an expert SEO training course that will let you learn on how to best practice SEO, that is, to be ethical but also focus on some less known niches that will help your company prosper.

Todd also provides SEO information architecture, social media marketing consultation, pay per click management, conversion rate optimization, website analysis, as well as our specialty, the integration of all of these niches under an all encompassing internet marketing strategy.

Todd knows the importance of proper search engine optimization to your business and his goal is to guarantee our mutual success through this powerful online marketing tool. When you trust us at Integrity Marketing, we will maximize your results, and over time increase your ROI.

Simply, Todd and his team make improvements to your website that will set you up for long term success. Thier search engine optimizing services will push your company to the forefront of internet marketing, and leave your competition trying to catch up as you bring in clients with ease.

Integrity marketing SEO services are customized to your company, and with our negotiable prices you will be able to be comfortable with this partnership that will garner long lasting results.

How To Do On Page Optimization in 2015

Published by Todd Herman on February 26th, 2015 - in Optimization

Are you are looking to do your own on page optimization in  2015? There are a few steps that must be taken. I have brought together some helpful tips I have learned over the years that will better prepare you to complete your webpage optimization, and drive traffic to your website.

Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2015

High Quality content: You are going to need to write some awesome, fresh content for your page/post that is keyword optimized. This page/post should have a minimum word count of 150+ words to surpass Google’s minimum “high quality” content barrier. Pay attention to word count. Readers do not read, they on page optimizationscan so you should be sticking to around 200-250 words per page. Any longer, and you will start to lose your clients interest, any shorter and you risk your site not being ranked by Google.

Webpage Titles: The web page title should have the main keywords in them and do not make the title over 50 words as Google will not display more than this in search results. Do not keyword stuff them or you could loose a few spots in any search engine. Write them so they make sense to the reader.

Keyword Density: The keyword density should be about 2% so, mentioned twice every 100 words. Make sure you mention the whole search phrase in the title of the article and only one tailed keywords at one time in the body of the text, for instance this articles search phrase ranks for, “How To Do On Page Optimization” and is chopped into 6 keywords and the single words are mentioned separately throughout this article.

Header Tags: You will want the main keywords in your H1 tag as this tells Google what the article is about and to focus on these words throughout the content. H2, H3, ect… should contain any sub keywords you want mentioned as well. By default the page/post title in Wordpres is the H1 tag so be sure not to double up on your H1 tag and add it again in the body of your content. You only want to mention Header tags once in your content.

Internal Linking: You need to diversify your internal site anchor text. Doing this will drive traffic to other parts of your site as well, it will better lead search engine spiders, and thus improve your ranking. Diverse and clear is the best way to think when you are completing this section. Make sure the page your linking to is niche related for best results. Only add 2 or 3 internal links to each page.

Image/Alt Text: Our rule of thumb is to only have one image at the top of the article (like this one does) displaying a deeper explanation for the article. Your images should have alt text that describes the image specifically and is niche related. You can add keywords or key word phrases but keep the alt text to a maximum of 2 to 3 words. For example, the alt text for the image on this page is “On Page Optimization.”

Meta Tags: Meta tags are what search engines see when looking for relevant webpage content to show searchers whom have entered in a search term on a search engine.

Title Meta Tag: The webpage Title Tag is the most important webpage “element.” and tells the search engine and searchers what the main subject of the page is about. Title tags are a must!

Description Meta Tag:  Describes to the search engine and search user what your webpage is all about. Meta tags are always optional page descriptions as the search engines will display the first 150 to 153 words in your content for your description without a Meta tag description.

Here’s an example of the main meta tags you’ll need:

<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8">
<title>Not a Meta Tag, no longer than 55 characters.</title> 
<meta name="description" content="Description here and no longer than 155 

Below are the results seen by Google.ca searchers:

Google search results


These are simple tips to help you with on page optimization to get ahead in the 2015 SEO world. There are many ways to produce your content but with proper structure you will see your traffic increased. Stay tuned for more exciting tips and tricks in your search engine optimization journey.

Biggest Link Building Fears for 2015

Published by Guest Post on January 6th, 2015 - in SEO

I wanted to give you an update with where I’m at, and the struggles that I’m encountering as an agency as we enter another year in which Google allows us to exist.

Prequel: In mid-2014, I came to a crossroad between a high paying in-house job, and continuing the route as an entrepreneur. I chose the latter, and decided to stop trying to do so many things at once, and to just focus on Point Blank SEO and my agency. 6 months later, we’ve now got a team of 7 here in Gainesville, FL, all building links like it’s new again.

jon cooperAs we’ve grown, we’ve started to face new challenges and I’ve had to face my fears…

The biggest of which are:

Scaling around certain tactics that could falter. If you truly want to scale a quality output around a specific tactic, it takes a lot of investment. We currently only employ 2 tactics for our clients, as I wanted to make sure we started with a very narrow offering, perfect it, and painfully grow it from there. But it’s scary as heck, because even though we’re doing completely white hat link building, the main tactic we employ (won’t tell, but there aren’t many scalable ones out there to choose from) could get flamed out in a short period of time by some really crappy SEOs that taint the pool for everyone. And when you’re building around that, it’s scary.

Compromising quality in favor of efficiency. I’ve heard too many horror stories from different management folks who tried incentivizing their link builders in creative ways, all to find out that what they end up doing causes more harm than good (i.e. trying to build links for multiple clients in the same outreach emails; flaming their clients brands with emails that are virtually spam; etc.). I think to this point, I’ve done this well, but on the efficiency side, I see some serious room for improvement. I’m trying to bring attention to this without making the same mistake as so many others, but with such a fine line, it’s scary to think about the slippery slope on the other side.

Our existence is truly at Google’s whim. You do realize link building (as an SEO practice) only exists because a corporation out in California uses it to understand the web? What if they figured out a much more effective way to understand the web? I’m not saying our skills can’t translate (PR is right next door), but when you’re creating a results driven agency with links as the deliverable, it doesn’t sit too well. It’s not a new thought, but it’s still back there in the shadows.

It’ll be interesting to see how we combat those different fears. Each has a solution:

  1. Be more agile & diversify our tactics quicker
  2. Be very observant, and be quick to catch any missteps

Build links & citations that have more than just an SEO benefit (not as a substitute, but as additional features)

But they’re definitely easier said than done. At the very least, it’s awesome knowing all those things are achievable.

With that said, I’m looking forward to what’s in store for 2015. I can’t say much more about what we’re doing, but I can say that we’ll be releasing the very first tool from Point Blank SEO soon (it’s free!). Stay tuned!

Jon Cooper – http://pointblankseo.com

Consider SEO in Your Website Design Plans

Published by Todd Herman on November 20th, 2014 - in SEO

When you are scanning through websites looking at companies, a good solid web design in an important aspect on how your judge the quality of the company. Web design allows businesses looking to succeed to separate themselves from their competition, and when you are looking for a company to complete a full website, look for the best website designers at Global Website Creations. With their expertise, and your brand, they can begin to build an award winning SEO friendly site that will draw thousands of potential clients.

They have been in the business for a number of years, and have built up a reputation of a top ranked web design company. Their staff has the ability to customize your site to your specifications, and with their SEO and conversion experts they will also suggest certain changes to better target your audience. These suggestions can be content, colouring or even the location of certain pictures or text. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference with web design, and we look forward to perfecting your website.

They are based in the heart of Toronto, Canada, and are now serving both Canada, and abroad. With over 1100 employees stretched across the world we can help your business in any part of the world. They continue to bring the world one of the top rated SEO, web design experts, and we are now expanding their services to include custom build sites and continual management of said sites.

Now is the time to invest in your business, and see the difference a custom website that is maintained and continually updated to your bottom line. At Global Website Creations, they know what it takes to create a competitive and superb SEO friendly website to establish your company and brand in the online marketplace. Give them a call today, and see the difference that a professionally designed, SEO friendly website will make to your business!

How to Beat the Google Penguin Update

Published by Todd Herman on November 20th, 2014 - in Penguin update

To learn how to beat the Google Penguin update your website needs a popular local audience. We are going to look at the advantages of local link building, then we will look at three great methods that will work for any website. It is time to take advantage of the untapped resource that is, local link building.

how to beat Google penguin imageLocal link building allows you to be linked into the localization side of search engines, and we all know the importance of SERP’s when it comes to search engine optimization. If you are looking to sell your product or service locally, and you choosing not to utilize SERP’s with your site, you are letting a number of possible clients slip away. Thus any company that is looking to sell both locally and outside of their local area, should be utilizing at least a few local links at a minimum. We will now move to some great methods to use these amazing local link building.

Any professional SEO services company will tell you in order to beat the Google Penguin update, the first method is to create a community resource. This is perfect if your site has not interacted with the local market, and you need to create a local presence. Some great ways to create these local links is to; create a map of the local points of interests, free wifi spots, or some great outdoor attractions. Another way is create a local calendar of local meetings at the government and charity level. Do some research to make sure that there is a demand for this information, and you will be on your way to utilizing these local links!

The second method is to simply focus locally, and leverage a local relationship. Remember, the key to local link building is to have a connection to the local community, and utilizing a local business is perfect. A great way to do this is to provide an honest testimonial of a local restaurant or bar, and then further this relationship. Participate in any community events at the location, and then reach out to be linked to their site as a partner or preferred vendor. Not only will you gain local links, you will also grow your customer base with this method.

Our last method is possibly the simplest, and that is to interact on the local level. You can do this in a variety of ways, but the most important thing is this is not a quick fix, but rather a long term investment for your business, and the community. Some of the ways in which you can interact is to host an event or charity, start a discount program with another local company or featuring a local leader in the community on your blog (you will of course have to have a blog to do this). This method is not for those who are looking to quickly build links, but it is a great method to strengthen ties in the community and gain clients.

In order to learn how to beat Google Penguin update, create as much local link building as possible that will bring your business closer to your local clients, and we have given the benefits of the use of local links, and three methods to best build these links. If you are looking to build your local clientele this is the best way to do it online, and by utilizing the above methods you will also gain some amazing community links.

2014 Mandatory SEO Checklist

Published by Todd Herman on October 7th, 2014 - in SEO


2014 mandatory SEO checklist to show proper onpage optimization

Regretfully, some website platforms or any free hosting or website builders may not be search engine friendly. This is some SEO’s why offer absolutely free websites.

Below is an optimization check list that has been compiled since Google was born. This list needs to be instilled on your website in order for it to gain Google’s 100% trust.

1. Head Section Order
SEO-Checklist-Image-13You must make sure that your Meta tags are in the correct order this being: Title>Description>Keywords. This is important as the information that is placed in these tags will be what renders the title and description in the search engine results page which of course your perspective client will see.

2. Title Tag
It is important to any SEO check list, that your title tags must be concise. Nine words plus or minus three. Make sure that the most important information including keywords shows up before the cutoff in SERP. Google for instance has the cutoff at approx. 70 characters and this includes spaces.

3. Description Tag
The description tag will need to include those keywords, and other important information before the SERP cutoff. Which in Google’s case is approx. 160 characters including spaces. As a side note, make both your title and description tags engaging to your audience. This will help when attracting customers to the site. For some helpful hints check out the SEO newsletter article that deals with the ins and outs of Meta data.

4. Keywords Tag
Although keywords tag is no longer a consideration in Google ranking, we continue to use it for clarity. Simply list your keywords in order from longest to shortest, separated by commas.

5. Heading Tags
In the body of the content, it is key to make your first heading tag <h1>. The following heading tags should follow the same format <h2>, <h3> and so on. As well, these following heading tags will be used as your web pages table of contents.

6. Overall Word Count
Depending on the content, topic, and keywords the amount of words on a page will vary. In general, you should never have less that 250 words per page, especially if you are looking to optimize the page for keywords. If you are dealing with an informational web page we recommend 450 words per page at a bare minimum.

7. Alt Attributes with Keywords
To abide by the American with Disabilities Act, you should always describe the image on the page for those with a disability. Make sure that your images have proper descriptions and keywords for the page. Alt attributes will be needed to validate your HTML code as well.

8. Dashes vs. Underscores in URLs
Dashes act as word separators, and should not appear too many times as if they do the page will give the look of a spam page. Underscores are considered alpha characters and do not separate words.

9. Fully Qualified Links
Every SEO check list must include mention of your sitemap, it should always have fully qualified URL’s within it. A consideration is if you do make your links fully qualified there will no question by the search engine as to the location of the file, and its origins. Thus, clearing up a large amount of headaches.

10. Make JavaScript/CSS External
The most important thing is that your most important code is the first thing that the search engine bots crawl. You can externalize the code to make sure that you do not have unnecessary lines above your body text that will inhibit this.

11. Site Map
You site needs to have an HTML site map, and every page will need a link to said site map, preferably in the footer. It is also a good idea to have an XML sitemap to submit to the various search engines.

12. Text Navigation
You will need to verify that you have text navigation on the site, this does not include JavaScript or Flash that spiders cannot see. At a bare minimum have text navigation at the bottom of the page if you do not have spider-able navigation links at the top navigation.

13. Make Robots.txt File
This file must exist, even if it is empty, it must be on the site. The robots.txt file allows the search engine spiders to leave certain items out of indexing. Do make sure that important files, or even the entire site is not in this folder… It will avoid many a hours of frustration.

14. Keyword Strategy
This is a process that seemingly never ends, keyword strategy require extensive research and continues throughout the life of the site. Although we could write essays on this topic, make sure it is on any good SEO checklist.

15. Web Analytics
Although we could speak on this subject for a while, the important think to remember is you must have web analytics. If they are set up correctly, they will continually let you know hat keywords are driving traffic, and if your site is optimized to them.

16. Linking Strategy
This is an integral part of the 2014 SEO checklist. You must make sure that your internal linking structure stems from your linking strategy and to make sure that your inbound/outbound links are also part of a neutral strategy that is within the search engine guidelines. Remember to regularly monitor these as guidelines change quickly.

17. Server Configuration
This is a no contest, check your server regularly for 301 redirects, 404 errors or other errors.

18. Privacy Statement
Although this is not required, it is of your best interest to include a privacy statement. This is to inform site visitors what you are doing with any data that you collect on them.

19. Static Pages
As complex or dynamic URL’s or two query string perimeters are not getting indexed you will have to consider converting them to static pages. Before this, consider mod_rewrite or ISAPI_rewrite to simplify URL’s. Rewritten URL’s show as static pages and although this takes time, it isa surefire way to fix this issue.

20. Static Index Pages
On the home page it is important to maintain constant text chunks. As home pages that have rotating content dilutes the theme and tend to cause poor key term rankings.

21. Use Text over Images
When you are faced with the question of text or image, always side with text. Text allows the spiders to understand what the page is about, as search engine spiders have a hard time to see all the text on an image file.

22. Ensure No SPAM Tactics
You must make sure that your SEO strategy is complying to Google Webmaster Guidelines. If you are ever in doubt, refer to what these guidelines say for SEO.

23. Check for Duplicate Content
When it comes to content, it is in your best interest is to do a quick scan of the web, to check for duplicate content. This will allow you to fix any issues, and make your site unique.

Hope this helps, TH

SSL Certificates Means Higher Google Rankings

Published by Todd Herman on August 9th, 2014 - in SEO

Google has come out and stated to the search engine optimization industry that a web site that holds an SSL certificate will be ranked higher than those sites that do not hold the SSL certificate. Are you going to risk your companies position in the Google search engine rankings by ignoring a simple purchase that can secure your sites continual top tier ranking on Google and other search engines? Now is the time to purchase a genuine SSL certificate from Namecheap, and secure your companies ranking.

SSL Certificates for Higher Google RankingsThis is counter to our competitors who use bargain brands to give you the cheapest rate with no real guarantee of the safety of your investment. All of our partners offer a variety of plans that are designed to fit your web sites needs.

You should only use trusted partners when we supply you with SSL certificates. With trusted SSL certificates you are showing to your clientele that you are a trusted brand. We have handpicked our suppliers so that the world’s most popular browsers recognize the safety of the site, rather than having your site raise red flags when a prospective client tries to visit your domain. On your site, you will also receive a physical seal on the site to show to your clients that you are in fact secured.

This seal is a constant reminder that you have the protection and security that people will trust, and no matter what SSL certificate you purchase, they all come with this all important seal. SSL certificates also come with top tier encryption on every single domain that has the certificate. Depending on what certificate you purchase, you will either be encrypted by 128 bit or 256 bit. These bits refer to the number of bits that are used to generate the encryption key, and both, 128 and 256 are accepted as industry standards.

Secure, affordable ssl certificates, you can choose a variety of SSL certificates to cover your companies online presence. You have the option of: a single domain, which provides security for a single domain name, a wildcard, which provides security for all of your sub-domains on one particular domain, and lastly multiple domains, which provide security for multiple domains and host names operating on multiple IP addresses. For the best in security for your SSL certificates, look no further than Namecheap that provides your domain with trusted SSL certificate providers.

With Google’s latest announcement, it has become even more important to have an SSL certificate for your domain. When you are looking for a company to go with, trust the professionals at Namecheap. We have straight forward prices from the leading SSL certificate providers, that will allow your domain to be safe and secure. Your domains security and Google ranking is important, and that is why the right SSL certificate should be chosen for your company, to keep your site secured and on top of the Google rankings.

When you choose Elite SEO Canada to install your SSL certificate you are going to get the most competitive price available, and that is our promise. We use leading professionals when it comes to SSL certificates, and will present the rates right in front of you, no hidden fees or extra charges, just one annual price. There are no gimmicks, just great rates provided by industry leaders in SSL certificates.

At Elite SEO  Canada you are going to be given quotes from leaders such as; Comodo, Rapid SSL, GeoTrust, Thwate and Symantec to insure the most affordable maximized protection!

Reviews Matter to SEO and Google Customers

Published by Todd Herman on August 7th, 2014 - in SEO
Google is always changing something. The search giant  just introduced its updated product listing ads  that now include ratings and reviews. The feature is only available in the U.S. for now, but we can expect to see it coming to Canada too in the near future.
Get ready to see five stars, or fewer, on ads in both search and Google Shopping.
The product manager for Google Shopping, Mike Capsambelis, had a pretty powerful statement about why these ratings are going to have a big effect: “In initial tests, product ratings also helped increase click-through-rates of Product Listing Ads.”
If you’re a small-business owner who spends money advertising with Google, this change could have a big impact on the number of customers who reach your website. If your ratings are low, obviously, it could hurt your numbers.
So what immediate steps do you need to take so the reviews will help your business?
Stay up on the news. We all get busy, but you shouldn’t slack on important day-to-day habits. That’s not just the visible efforts such as Tweeting and Facebooking; it’s also doing online research to find new reviews. Stay up on new review sites and placements, so you don’t hear from friends and family that a customer left a bad review three months ago.
Contact the people who review your products. Your first goal is making unhappy customers happy. That’s not always easy.
If you see several bad reviews that list the same problem, whether it’s customer service or a defect in your merchandise, jump into action. Fix the problem immediately and alert your customers who have filed complaints or purchased the defective product.
It’s OK to say something’s wrong and you’re not perfect. That’s a smart business decision. Never, under any circumstances ignore a problem that was created on your end. If you’re unsure about how to fix a problem, seek advice from an SEO consultant. It’s one of the many services I offer clients so they aren’t left  in a lurch.
You also want to thank the customers who are already pleased with your products. That appreciation could turn a happy customer into a loyal customer.
Review your reviews on a weekly or even daily basis. We live in a fast-paced world, and customers don’t want to hear from you a month after leaving bad reviews.
Match up the customer’s purchase date with your list of purchases, and make it right. Every customer should walk away bragging about the individual attention you provided.
That extra attention leads to updated reviews and maybe even higher ratings. And that equals a higher click-through rate.
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