6 Fresh Applications for web designing

Every web designer has to find new ways to improve the look of the website which is inclusive of optimizing images, file size reduction, testing the websites performance, cleaning up the cluttered code and much more. They have to be on the lookout for ways to get the work done faster and more effectively than ever before by using new tools and gadgets available. Including code formatting, SEO analyzers and image editors there are great number of web design tools which helps you save loads of time and concentrate on the most important part of web design. As web designers we have to build websites that are compatible on any environment.

Here are some of the best apps.

By Word:

This app should come in handy for you as it helps you craft words cleverly without having to spend time on writing the content for your web but rather giving quality time for the main coding part. It’s a very good tool for blog writers as it offers an uncluttered and clean interface.


Dropbox is an app that allows you to share your docs, videos and photos anywhere anytime for free. It stores all your data in a cloud which allows you to share specific stuff you want to with certain people. You can call it a default cloud storage device.


Sketchshare is an innovative app which comes with power pack features which are both entertaining and useful. It is a remote working tool which allows clients, friends and colleagues to share ideas and to brainstorm in real time. It is a productivity app. It has all the tools the users might ever need to get started like the pen and eraser toggle, color changer, game center connectivity etc.

Adobe Shadow:

It is a free app which helps you test a website on your phone or tablet as you keep browsing for other sites on your phone or your PC. Once you install this app on your PC it will listen for the command/instructions from the Shadow software which in turn listens for instructions from the chrome browser extension. All the connected devices follow as you browse through chrome and change the site.


For all those folks who love reading out there, here’s is an app which would change your experience of reading completely. It beautifully brings the social and the world news together like a magazine. You can run through the stuff from BBC, CNN and at the same time view the updates and posts of your friends from Facebook and twitter all at the same time.

Adobe Ideas:

Adobe Ideas enables the web designers to note ideas which can be worked upon later either on Photoshop or an Illustrator. It is found to be a common part of both iOS and the Android tool kit. It is a great tool for sketching.

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