Get Webmaster Help from Google Videos on YouTube

Getting in over your head is easy when you’re running a website, whether you’re a professional webmaster or a novice trying to create a powerful online presence for your business. You don’t need a computer science degree to run a successful site, but you do need to keep up with search engine requirements for high Page Rank.

I’ve talked about Matt Cutts, head of Google webspam, and his YouTube webmaster help videos in the past. Google seems to post them more and more often, probably because its algorithm changes leave us with loads of questions.

His newest video answers a question about if rel=”nofollow” should be added to every widget and infographic. The answer from Cutts is obvious, that yes you should just include the rel=”nofollow” on them, because it’s sometimes difficult to see any hidden links or text that’s stuffed into their code. Some spammers stuff code with keywords, so it’s true, you do need to be careful. By including the no-follow link, you’re basically telling search engines’ bots to ignore your page when they crawl your site and determine its Page Rank.

As a sidenote, if a page isn’t filled with your best, high-quality content, you don’t want Google to see it. Or Bing, for that matter. That’s just good search engine optimization.

Of course, Cutts is in the same Firefox T-shirt he wore in another video I posted about a couple of weeks ago, because he filmed dozens of these in one weekend. But that’s not my point. It’s worth your time to review the other videos Cutts has posted on YouTube, because there’s some valuable insight there into the mind of Google. Some of the other uploads include answers about query syntax changes, buying domains, help for hacked sites, and many others. And you can always send in your questions to the Google webspam team or send a Twitter message or tweet directly to @MattCutts. He’s an active tweeter who responds quickly and honestly to requests for advice.