Vancouver Business Directory Listing Optimization

No matter what date it is, no matter how many funny little animal updates Google has handed down, Business Directory Listing Optimization for your website has ensured a powerful, link profile growth plan for your Vancouver business.

  • #1st – Build Local Business Directory Links
  • #2nd – Build Provincial Business Directory Links
  • #3rd – Build National Business Directory Links

This process will take approximately three to four months to complete.

First things first! A bit of on-page optimization  –  I’m not going to go into detail on this, all you really need is to let Goggle know what city you’re from (add your company address in the footer of your website) and that you have high-quality,  niche-related content on your website and it has to be distributed properly on the website and not plastered all over the place.

Only mention your main keywords once in the website title and once in the first paragraph of your website body text. Any keywords that are not mentioned in the title should be mentioned twice in the body text. Add one image per 300 words and describe the image with secondary keywords, do not add any main search terms in the image ALT tag.

Default for all websites in Google search engine – You’ll need to register a Google webmaster account and add a sitemap, you’ll need to make sure you have a sitemap on your website so just type this into the address bar in your web browser – If this returns 404 error then ask your/a website designer/web programmer to add an xml sitemap to your website.

Also ask him to add the most searched keywords in your industry to your website’s title and a website description with the first words being your contact phone number. Eg… c  “Industry leading Canada SEO Services Company Professional” No more then 60 characters in length. (Google reads past the default fifty four characters, but they only show fifty four in their search results.)

 I know it seems like a lot of work but trust me this will pay off in the end. 

Business Directories:

The first step is to let Google know where you are locally, and where your website is based as well (local web hosting Vancouver excels search listings). Google listings are displayed at approximately 88% to 90% local listings and rising every day. The way we do this is to register our business on local businesses directories. They are easy to find just search,  (  business directories “your city name” ) so for my search it would be, “business directories Vancouver”.

You’ll need to register your website on the first twenty business directories that are displayed, all twenty. When you register in these directories you’ll need your complete website information like company brand name, business address, phone, email, website, company logo or a screen capture of website works to. You will want to make and monitor a business Google gmail for directory email confirmation and future spam.

It is important to fill out the profile as completely as possible manually, not using an automated program. This must be done as naturally as humanly possible. Also add all the correct information including a company image, a logo (branding) image works best. Remember, the website owner does not have to accept your company’s submission so we need to make it look as professional and as NON-Spammy looking as possible.

VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER – The most important thing to remember for submitting your business to ANY website on the internet, is to make sure to use a unique (different) company description for each listing. Website owners will search for the same description and if it is used on another domain they will NOT accept your business listings as it is a duplicate content penalty on their website.

Most profile fields include:

  • Logo: (logo or company brand works best)
  • Full Name: (Full name of company owner)
  • Business name: (Full business brand name)
  • Description: ( twenty to thirty words long maximum mention your main keywords in this box as well. 10 max)
  • Email: (real company email address)
  • Company mailing address: (real company address – most P.O. boxes do not get excepted)
  • Phone No: (real phone number – most 1800 numbers do not get accepted)
  • Category: *(you want your company in the most niche related category to your company)
  • Website URL: always include the full url eg..
  • 20 max keywords: Add all keywords (search terms you want to be found for in the search engines, only add two word keyword combinations here, eg, “SEO company”

Do it two more times…

Second step is you need to do another search for more business directories but the only difference is we are going to be registering your business in niche related business directories. They are again, easy to find just search,  “niche business directories ” so for my search it would be: “SEO business directories”. Then register your business on  twenty  of the first niche related business directories you see. Again use the Gmail for registering and account submission confirmation and ad all the above profile fields.

Third step, you should wait a few weeks and see if your website doesn’t start moving up in the Google rankings. It most likely will be so to give it an extra little boost in rankings search for “Canadian business directories” and register your company website to the first twenty directories.

If you still are not headed to the front page of all the search engines you need to tweak your on-page optimization. Check for repeated keywords, you only want to mention each keyword twice maximum, this includes in the domain url, (

Now you monitor the Gmail you made to confirm your submissions and wait for your website to hit the front local search engine listings.

Things you you’ll want to remember:

  • IMPORTANT! – With out clicking on the confirmation link in the email you get from the business directories your listing will not be approved.
  • You’ll want to use the same username and password for each directory. Save all the usernames and passwords in a safe place.
  • Use a unique (different)  worded company description for EACH business directory.
  • Use only your company brand name – Anything else like adding keywords to your website name will not get your listings accepted
  • Do not mention your keywords more than once in your website description, eg…

Description example:

NOT SPAMMY – “We provide SEO Services and sales conversions for the Vancouver, New Westminster, Burnaby, Delta, Surrey and White Rock areas of B.C.”

Notice how the city keywords are in the description without making it look spammy.

SPAMMY = “SEO Services Vancouver, New Westminster, Burnaby, Delta, Surrey, White Rock.”

Your website should be excepted by all directories within 90 days, if its not, contact the website owner and you’d be more than happy to correct any errors they need cleared up to publish your listing.

If you have any questions at all about this or any other posts on my blog feel free to contact me directly at 1-800-975-9001 Ext #1 

For more information on workplace SEO Training in Vancouver visit the previous link.

See you on top, Todd Herman