The Free Microsoft SEO Toolkit

Microsoft has a new SEO Toolkit available for free download that allows you to optimize for Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. I love getting web tools for free, if the quality of the
service reaches the same levels as paid services.

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The ad page says that the toolkit will help increase website traffic and revenue, influence and update search engines, and improve customers’ experience. Wow, that’s a lot, if it really does all that at no cost. Except your time, of course.

This toolkit works directly with IIS 7, the scalable Web server from Microsoft that developers use to manage sites, and installs inside of it. There is a screen tutorial that walks you through, click by click, to review the functionality of the toolkit, which allows you to do site analysis, create and edit site maps, and work on robots.txt.

The tutorial analysis found issues with performance, SEO and markup on Scott Hanselman’s blog, the tutorial narrator and a Microsoft guy. The toolkit will show you problem links, along with details of the errors in common, easy-to-understand language. And it provides recommended actions to fix each individual problem, in a neat little paragraph.

What specific issues does it help you find? It will narrow in on problematic titles, large content and slow pages, to name a few. If it works as well in real life as in the example blog, you’ll have a vast amount of information at your hands. A great feature of this toolkit is that you can make ad hoc queries to search for specific types of violations that you’re concerned about with your website. In other words, as Hanselman says, “it’s a complete database of what’s going on in your website.”

You’ll see the full results of the entire spider, and can compare your newest results with previous reports. This could be a great boon to gaining better SEO for your website. If all those bells and whistles work as well as is claimed, this toolkit could be increase your SEO and heighten your Page Rank, across the board.

Has anyone tested The Free Microsoft SEO Toolkit, and if so, what were the results?