Why Link Diversity is So Important in 2013

The link building strategy that you’re going to use for ranking your sites is essential and you have to diversify all the links that point to your site if you want to push your site on the first page of Google in a relatively short period. If you still wonder why you have to put so much effort then check how the link diversity will benefit your site. Getting all kinds of links to your site can be a really difficult job but it’s really necessary to show to the search engines that your site is popular everywhere on the web.

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Therefore it is essential to post your link to many directories, social bookmark sites, social networks, web2 sites, forums and blogs. Some of you may say to getting links from article directories, blog comments and wiki sites for example is already busted strategy and Google will penalize the site almost immediately after they are indexed.

Well, it can be true but if you do everything properly then you will get a lot of benefits. Your main task is to find just high PR sites on different platforms that are not spam to the moon and you will be fine.

Google won’t hurt your site if it has backlinks from quality blogs or article directories with low outgoing links. Their power is lower than it used to be, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t help you for ranking. So, use all types of links in your link building strategy without any doubt and you will gain many benefits for sure.

Another essential factor to keep in mind is to diversify your anchor keywords. Many bloggers are really happy when they find a good “buying” keyword with huge search queries and relatively low competition. And what they do next? They are so much on the top of the happiness wave that they use just this keyword or 1-2 of its long tail variations in building their backlinks. It’s an enormous SEO mistake that you have to avoid at any cost. For example, what do you think about how Google will react if from all 2000 backlinks that your site have almost 1500 are with one anchored keyword. It means that your site will be soon or later punished and this is something that will hurt you for sure.

So, try to use your main keyword not more than 20% – 30% in your link building strategy. Try to include many different natural anchored keywords like “click here”, “visit the site” or your naked URl.  Now, according to many SEO gurus, any different anchor keywords structure can pretty easily jeopardize your site after the last Google updates.

The links diversity is a huge SEO factor and getting many quality links from different platforms with different anchor keywords is the most viable way to increase your SERP. Take your time, find the right blogs, sites, forums and web 2 properties to post your backlinks, always check the % of the keywords pointed to your site and your success will come faster than you competition even expect.

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This article is an original contribution by Anil Valvi.

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